Meet TuffBlock

Smarter Deck Building System

TuffBlock is an award winning deck block and a signature product of BuildTuff. It is 100% recycled and designed to replace traditional concrete deck footings. Build your deck more efficiently and effectively with our smarter building products.

Highly Versatile Foundation

TuffBlock is used by builders and DIY home improvement renovators when building a deck, garden shed, landing, pathway, raised walkway, cubby house, dog shelter and more.

When your reputation and time is everything. Build on

"This is an amazing product. I’ve built 7 decks using them. I build alone, so it saves time and energy. It also allows to easily build low decks. I’ll never use anything else."

John Z / April 2022 / 5 stars

"Was looking to build a low floating deck and these were perfect. Simple to use, light and solid. I highly recommend them for building a deck."

Richard T / November 2021 / 5 stars

"Worked perfectly as expected. Placed directly on the dirt ground. Used to support an 8X10 wood base that holds a shed of the same size."

David P / November 2021 / 5 stars

"This product definitely surpassed my expectations. I built a 10' x 10' deck and the time and money saved by using the Tuffblocks kept my project under budget. I will definitely use Tuffblock again!"

Jason H / June, 2021 / 5 stars

Did you know: Each TuffBlock repurposes the equivalent of 295 bottle caps into each deck block.

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